Saturday, February 05, 2011

It Gets Better

Dan Savage, my gay father, interviewed Rebecca Drysdale about this AWESOME song she made for his It Gets Better project. It is amazing.

I was bullied to high hell in junior high and high school and though I was not actually a lesbian, everyone assumed I was-- a "chicken sacrificing lesbian" to be exact. Anyone who is any sort of different at all is attacked by mobs of kids and I really wish I had someone around to tell me that it gets better! Mostly people said, "this is the best part of your life. What are you so upset about?" Which, of course, made me a million times more depressed.

I wish I knew that college would be full of people just like me and that I would grow up to be happier than I was ever capable of imagining. 

Today I will go to Costco, listen to Howard Stern (my straight father) while I clean the apartment, work on my novel and go swimming in my steaming hot outdoor pool. I have a job that is OK for now, a husband who loves me, and the strength and capacity for hope that is necessary to live this life. 

Much better than being slammed into walls by ugly boys and having my boobs grabbed.

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