Sunday, August 29, 2010


I went to Malibu last week with Andrew, my little brother, and his girlfriend. Many things happened. Andrew and I had an intense discussion at the foot of crashing waves, cliffs behind us, giant rocks all around, everything around me how I felt inside.
A couple was getting married on the beach and I pulled the car over. The wedding party passed right in front of my car, then the bride. I cried. Alex, Andrew's girlfriend, said it was the first wedding she had every seen.
And of course there were Pelicans. When a pelican slows down, hovers, then dives in a free fall head first PLOOMP into the ocean, I inevitably get the giggles. I can't help it- I am overcome with joy.
The first time I saw a Pelican was with Mark on a whale watching cruise off Long Beach. The guide said that their eyelids are see-through, so that the pelican can keep an eye on the fishy they are trying to poke out of the water. Awesome. It's easy to think that we are independent of the world around us, that we are these self contained beings, but of course we are not. We are all shaped by everything around us. The tiniest atoms of the pelican are shaped by the air and the water and the fishes.

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