Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Baseball, 2008

I am sitting here in front of the TV on the crumby futon. Mark is typing at his desk behind me. I am watching a very strange game in the World Series. It began in the sixth inning, because of too much rain in Philly the other day. This is potentially, if the Phillies win, the last baseball game of 2008. This weird, short little ball game.
I personally want Tampa Bay to win because they were the worst team in baseball last year and though I am not a Mets fan, I am from Queens so I can't exactly root for Philly.
I like the underdog story. I like the story of that team no one expects much from taking it all.

And no, I don't want baseball to be over. It means fall is over, and summer is over, and spring is over. Maybe this is melodramatic but this is the last year of Yankee Stadium and I am afraid that this is the last year I will love baseball in that deep way I do. It's hard not being in New York for one thing, and also I am afraid my love of the Yankees is all tied up in that stadium, the place of its history. But I have another post I am working on about that, about the Last Yankees Game that I haven't gotten around to yet.

On TV, it looks like it's cold in Philly. Some of the ballplayers are wearing flappyhats. I wish it was cold here. It's still in the mid friggen 80s every day. I MISS FALL. I miss that cold air. I miss the colors everywhere. I miss New York. I don't know exactly what I am doing here.

Before this game started, the Barack Obama primetime message was on TV. It made me tear up. But apparently I cry about a whole lot. I know I am an emotional person. Kia says that I am open to the effect things have on me. Or something.

I will definitely be crying next week though. I will cry if Obama wins and I will cry  if McCain the yellow toothed man wins. (I am afraid of having McCain Yellow Teeth as I get older.)

Anyways. Bottom the the 8th. Phillies are up by 1.

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